Commissioner Anthony Leonetti, Wildwood
Mayor Christopher Fox, West Wildwood
Lieutenant Governor Kim Gaudagno, State of New Jersey
Commissioner Scott Golden, West Wildwood
Commissioner Cornelius Maxwell, West Wildwood

Mayor Troiano’s Thanksgiving Message

Almost 400 years ago 102 passengers set sail for a new world and a new life in a land where they could freely practice their religion and build a better future. Met by local Native Americans, those passengers learned to work cooperatively to bring their dreams to fruition. Four centuries later, we continue to enjoy the result of that hard work.

Here in the City of Wildwood, we’ll celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday by enjoying a meal with loved ones to give thanks for all that we hold dear. We are thankful for our families, our friends and this great nation and all those men and women who proudly serve and protect us both here and abroad. May God protect those who protect us.

Whether your holiday includes a watching a parade, playing a game of football, or spending time with family, I encourage you to give thanks to those who continue to keep us free. As we sit down to eat our turkey dinner, please take a moment to give thanks to those who are not at their family’s table because they are in service to our nation.

On behalf of the Board of Commissioners of the City of Wildwood, we are thankful to each and every resident of our city. We look forward to continue working cooperatively to keeping Wildwood great.