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Meters are in effect every day from May 15 through October 31, between 8 AM and 3 AM.


Cost to park is 25 cents per 10 minutes. All meters accept quarters. Payment may also be made by credit card via a cell phone. Please follow instructions on meters. Parking permits may be obtained through the City Clerk’s office.

Broken Meters

If you encounter a broken or jammed meter contact the Wildwood Police Department at

609-522-0222 or move to a different meter.


Parking meter violation fines are $35.00. Contact the municipal court for further information. Payment can also be made through www.njmcdirect.com.

Handicap Parking

When parking at a metered space, a driver with a placard or handicapped license plate must put the appropriate amount of money in the meter. If the vehicle will occupy the space for more than the maximum amount the meter holds, the driver must fill the meter to the maximum amount. This will permit the driver to occupy the space for up to 24 hours, and no further payment will be required that time. Refer to www.state.nj/mvc/.com.

RV Parking

No parking of any trailer, camp car or similar type recreation vehicle shall be parked on any street without obtaining a temporary permit from the City Clerk’s office.

Oversize Vehicles

No vehicle exceeding 22′ in length or 10,000 pounds PGW, is permitted to park on any street.