Junior Lifeguard Dillon Hagan diving for a beach flag in the 2016 Wildwood
Junior Lifeguard Championships.

WILDWOOD – This city’s wide, sandy beach and members of the Wildwood Beach Patrol will play host to more than 300 junior lifeguards as part of the United States Lifesaving Association’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship. The event will take place Tue., July 25 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Junior lifeguards between the ages of 9 – 17 will take to beach and water each vying to garner a spot that will insure them a trip to the USLA’s national championship to be held later this summer.

According to Wildwood Beach Patrol Captain Ed Schneider, competitors from New York, West Virginia, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Maryland and Delaware will test their skills in the second largest junior lifeguard competition in the nation.

“Last year Wildwood started its own junior lifeguard championships and they were a fantastic success, said Schneider. “This past February, the USLA asked if we would be interested in hosting this year’s Mid-Atlantic regional championship.”

Each junior lifeguard will participate in events such as individual runs, rescue board races, swim relays, rescue races, beach flags, run-swim-run and junior ironguard.

“Athletic competition helps to build a skill set for lifeguards,” Schneider noted. “That applies to full-time professional lifeguards as well as kids participating in the junior lifeguard program.”

Registration for the event as well as information about the Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships Junior Lifeguard Competition can be obtained by visiting www.wildwoodnj.org and clicking on the link to the Wildwood Beach Patrol.