The following checklist is to help you keep wildlife off your property. If you can check off every item on this list, it is likely your wildlife issue can be resolved. Trapping does not work because as long as you have a nesting and food source, wildlife will return.

  1. _______ KEEP GARBAGE CANS INSIDE OR IN GARAGE IF POSSIBLE: Do not put out any garbage cans until THE MORNING OF COLLECTION. This is the number one attraction for wildlife. Even if they have not been able to get into the cans, the smell attracts them. Find secure cans, put ALL garbage in bags with twist ties before placing in cans. Then purchase bungee cords to properly secure. Also place ammonia in the cans and purchase wildlife repellant spray for around the cans.
  2. _______NEVER LEAVE PETFOOD OUTDOORS: When you feed pets outside, you are attracting rodents and wildlife. Do not feed on decks or porches, only indoors. If you are feeding feral cats, place food, and then pull the food after they are done eating or 30 minutes later.
  3. _______PURCHASE GRUB KILLER & SKUNK REPELLANT: To keep wildlife off your property, purchase repellant and follow directions. Grubs being dug up in lawns is easily fixed with grub killer.
  4. _______ CLEAN OUTDOOR GRILLS: If you have an outdoor grill, you must clean it completely after use and put away if possible. There should be no scent to attract wildlife.
  5. _______ CLEAN UP YARD: If you have trees or bushes that harvest fruits, berries or nuts, check your yard often in search of those that have fallen on the ground and remove them. Remove all water sources that skunks can easily access as well.
  6. ______ CLOSE UP ANY HOLES: If you have openings under porches or decks for nesting, close them up. Having easy access to these will attract nesting wildlife.
  7. ______ CLEAN GUTTERS: Remove leaves and debris from roof and gutters to avoid rodents. Skunks eat mice just like cats so where there are mice, there are often skunks!
  8. ______ CLOSE GARAGE AND SHED DOORS: You do not want to leave any garage or shed doors open, especially if you keep your garbage in them before pick up.
  9. _______ AUTOMATED SPRINKLERS: Automated Sprinklers also known as the scarecrow sprinklers are also a common way to deter skunks. The automated sprinklers have motion sensors that come on and squirt the skunk or any other animal that comes within so many feet of it. The skunk then associates this frightening experience with your yard, and decides to never return. You can place these sprinklers anywhere in your yard near the area you want the skunk to stay away from.
  10. _______TRIM ALL TREE BRANCHES NEAR DECKS: To keep wildlife off your decks and roof you should make sure all tree branches are cut so there is no access.
  1. _______ DO NOT FEED BIRDS: Unfortunately, feeding birds also feeds raccoons and skunks as well. You can’t have one without the other so the choice is yours.