Senior Citizen, Disabled Citizen and Surviving Spouse PD#5 (Income Statement) must be received by March 1st in order to retain your $250.00 tax deduction.

Lori Rosensteel, Tax Collector
609-522-2444 ext. 2227

Sallyanne Cranmer: Sr. Tax Clerk
609-522-2444 ext. 2221

OFFICE HOURS: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday Through Friday.
MAILING ADDRESS: City of Wildwood, Tax Collector’s Office, 4400 New Jersey Ave, Wildwood, NJ 08260

FAX: 609-729-3979

Tax, Sewer & Water Account Inquiry & Online Payments
: Current Tax Rate for 2016 is 2.324
The rate is made up from the following taxing districts.
County Tax Rate: 0.219
County Library 0.030
Open Space Tax 0.011
District School     0.765
Local Purpose 1.299
Total 2.324
Boardwalk 0.185 / 2.509
Pacific Avenue 0.160 / 2.484
Special Improvement Dist #1   .183
Special Improvement Dist #2   .161
 1st 1/4 Taxes due February 1st
2nd 1/4 Taxes due May 1st
3rd 1/4 Taxes due August 1st
4th 1/4 Taxes due November 1st
Taxes are always due, each year, on the first day of February, May, August and November.
Wildwood has a 10 day grace period. On the 11th day, after the due date, you will be charged interest from the date taxes were due.
Interest rate is 8 percent per annum on delinquencies up to $1,500.00 and 18 percent on delinquencies in excess of $1,500.00.
 The Tax Collector takes the current tax rate and times it per $100.00 of your assessed value.   (See Tax Assessor for questions regarding your Assessed Value)
Example: Assessed value 200,000
Tax Rate          x 1.971
Yearly Tax    $3,942.00
 The Tax Collector normally bills once a year in June. This bill is for the 3rd 1/4 and 4th 1/4 of the current year and an estimated 1st 1/4 and 2nd 1/4 for the next year. The bill has four stubs attached to send with your payment.   Any increases or decreases in your yearly tax is shown in the 3rd & 4th 1/4. Appeals or deductions, to your current year, tax bill will be adjusted in the 3rd & 4th 1/4.
PLEASE NOTE: Because of circumstances regarding budgets and tax rates we are sometimes unable to bill the 3rd and 4th 1/4 in June. In this case you will receive an estimated 3rd 1/4 bill. Adjustments due to appeals etc will then be shown in the 4th 1/4 reconciled bill.
If you do not receive a bill, please contact the Tax office immediately for the amount owed. A taxpayer is not exempt from paying interest penalty on taxes if they do not receive a bill. (R.S. 54:4-64) Please make sure you update your mailing address with the Tax Collector.
 Information on eligibility and applications for Senior Citizen, Disabled, Surviving Spouse and Veteran deductions may be obtained from the Tax Assessor’s office.
Senior Citizens, Disabled and Surviving Spouses who have been granted a deduction must file with the Tax Collector PD#5 form. These forms will be mailed in January and are due March 1st of each year.
The Tax office accepts cash, money order or checks. Please tear off the collector’s stub, on your bill and return with payment.   If you do not have a collector’s stub, you must include your Block and Lot so the Tax Collector can identify your property. Make checks payable to The City of Wildwood Tax Collector and mail to: The City of Wildwood, Tax Office, 4400 New Jersey Ave, Wildwood, NJ 08260.
If you would like a receipt for your payment, you must include a self-addressed stamped envelope.
We do not have credit card capability at this time.
Please note: There is a $20.00 charge if your check is returned from the bank.
Only Certified funds will be accepted for Lien Redemption.
If your mortgage company is responsible for paying your taxes, they will receive the bill or notification by email.   An advice copy of the bill will be sent to the property owner.
Please contact your Mortgage Company immediately of any delinquencies.
The City of Wildwood has an Accelerated Tax Sale each year. Taxes Sewer, Miscellaneous Charges and Prior Year Water Payments that remain delinquent as of the 11th day of November will be listed for Tax Sale and subject to additional charges.   Only certified funds will be accepted after November 10th for all delinquent payments. The Accelerated Tax Sale is held mid December.
(N.J.S.A. 54:5-1)
A Tax Sale in the State of New Jersey does not mean we are selling your property.   We are actually selling a lien against your property for the amount of taxes and other municipal charges left unpaid.   Your property will be advertised in the local newspaper once in the two weeks prior to tax sale.
Most people that bid at tax sale are investors seeking an interest return on their investment. The Tax collector accepts bids for the interest rate on the, amount of the sale, which includes delinquent Taxes, interests, cost and other municipal charges, due and owing the day of the sale. The bidding starts at a maximum of 18 percent and the percent decreases with each bid. The lowest bidder is the successful bidder. The successful bidder pays the Tax Collector the amount of the sale. The Tax Collector issues the investor a Tax Title Lien Certificate.
If there are no interested bidders, the Tax Title Lien is struck of to the City of Wildwood at 18 percent.
Once a Tax Title Lien Certificate has been issued, redemption is subject to additional statutory penalties. The Lien Holder can also pay any subsequent delinquent taxes or other municipal charges and accrue these payments to the lien. The investor receives the same interest rate on subsequent taxes and other charges, as the municipality.
The property owner can redeem this certificate, through the Tax Office, after the sale.   The full amount, due to the lien holder must be paid to the Tax Collector.    If redemption is not made within two years (from the date of sale) the Lienholder can start to foreclose and the property owner may have additional legal fees in order to redeem.    If a property is foreclosed and final judgement is rendered, the lien holder becomes the owner of the property.
If the lien is struck off to the City of Wildwood, foreclosure can begin six months from the date of sale.
Redemption of a Tax Title Lien takes place when the full amount owed to the Lienholder is paid to the Tax Collector.
If you wish to redeem a Tax Title Lien you must request a statement from the Tax Collector and include the date the payment will be received.

Only Certified funds will be accepted for Lien Redemption.