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Wildwood Water Pumping Station Rio Grande

The Wildwood Water Utility withdraws water from wells located about five miles inland from the barrier island. To supply water from these wells and meets the island’s needs during the summer would require a large pumping facility and transmission lines that would be little used during the rest of the year.

To avoid these excessive costs, the utility injects ground water into a shallow aquifer on the island during periods of low demand and withdraws the water in the summer by using dual injection and recovery wells. This system has operated since 1967, and represents perhaps the oldest operational aquifer storage recovery (ASR) project in the United States. In ASR, the water is injected underground, commonly into a non-potable or saline aquifer, where it forms a lens of good quality water for later recovery from the same well(s). Operation of a typical ASR installation is designed to smooth out annual water variability in water demand by recharging aquifers during periods of low demand and recovering the water during periods of high demand. Advantages of ASR over other artificial recharge schemes are that it uses very little land (especially compared to surface spreading) and reduces the cost and maintenance of separate injection and recovery wells.