In order to qualify for a “One Time Leak Adjustment” you must file an “Affidavit for Leak Adjustment”. There must have been a leak and it must have been repaired by a New Jersey Licensed Plumber. There are two (2) forms that must be completed and returned to the Wildwood Water Utility Collection Office – the Homeowner’s Affidavit and the Plumber’s Affidavit. The Homeowner’s Affidavit must be completed by the homeowner and the Plumber’s Affidavit must be completed by the plumber. The forms must be fully completed and notarized before they are submitted for review. Only original forms will be accepted; no copies, faxes or emails. If either or both forms have any items that are not filled out completely or are blank, the form(s) will be returned to the homeowner for completion.

We must reiterate that it is a “One Time Leak Adjustment” for as long as you own the property.

You cannot file for a leak adjustment and not repair a leak. Nor can you file for the leak adjustment if the leak was not repaired by a New Jersey Licensed Plumber. Any leaks repaired by a homeowner, family members, friends, etc. will not be considered for an adjustment and no affidavits will be accepted.

During quarterly meter readings, our meter reading system is capable of detecting potential leaks. A gallon of water has to pass or register on the meter every hour prior to the reading for the system to flag it as a potential leak. Once the meter readings are completed and reading reports reviewed, all subsequent inspections will be made. If a leak is detected upon re-inspection, you will be notified either by letter or phone. Please make sure that we have your current phone number on file.

Once the Affidavit for Leak Adjustment is filed by submitting both the Homeowner’s & Plumber’s Affidavits, it will be reviewed. Complete the form carefully to the best of your knowledge of when the leak began and when it was repaired.

The leak adjustment will be based on the average of the previous four (4) quarters of consumption for the same time period (first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, fourth quarter). The consumption for the (4) four quarters are added together and divided by 4 to get a consumption average. The average consumption is then subtracted from the amount of the quarterly consumption in which the leak occurred. The cost of the consumption over the quarterly average is calculated and then the customer is granted 65% of that cost. The affidavit must be submitted within six (6) months after the repair is made. The time period consideration for the adjustment will be no more than four (4) quarters. If the leak was occurring for more than four (4) quarters, the additional time periods will not be considered for adjustment. The customer will be called with the amount of the credit amount for their approval or denial. If the customer accepts the amount of the credit, the credit will be applied to the water account. Under no circumstances will the credit be refunded to the customer. Also, if the property has been sold, it does not qualify for the adjustment process after settlement takes place.

The customer will be notified that this is a one-time leak adjustment and a note will be permanently placed on the customer’s account indicating that they have received this one time courtesy leak adjustment. Under no circumstances will the customer be granted an additional leak adjustment.



Per Ordinance No. 774-09