Whenever the amount of the water bill is significantly higher than the established consumption history indicated on the customer’s account and there is no apparent explanation for the increase or the customer has verified to the Utility that there has been a leak on the premises, then the utility will give a one time leak adjustment to the customer. This leak adjustment will be based on the average of the previous four (4) quarters of consumption for the same time period (first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, fourth quarter). The consumption for the (4) four quarters are added together and divided by 4 to get a consumption average. The consumption average is then subtracted from the amount of the quarterly consumption to be adjusted and then the remaining consumption amount is divided in half and the customer is then given a credit adjustment for half. If the remaining consumption amount is not equally divided by 2, the utility will bear the extra consumption. The customer will be notified that this is a one time leak adjustment and a note will be permanently placed on the customer’s account indicating that they have received this one time courtesy leak adjustment. Under no circumstances will the customer be granted an additional leak adjustment.


  1. Quarterly consumption to be adjusted:                      125,000 gallons
  2. Customer consumption average:                                 – 6,000 gallons                                                            Difference       119,000 gallons
  3. 119,000 gallons divided by 2 = 59,000 gallons/60,000 gallons
  4. Customer receives 60,000 gallon adjustment